Success Story

Aneeq InamAneeq Inam was born in Multan (City of Saints). Nowadays he is a student of Bachelor in Business Administration from Air University Multan Campus .He believes that Youth are the peace builders in every nation .Combining their energy, charisma and enthusiasm they can make this earth a better and peaceful place to live in .As 21-year-old, Aneeq participated in various projects to help people in education, and various awareness programs .Meanwhile he developed a unique Project called ‘’Social Photography’’ in which he aware youth about the issues around the society and motivated them to participate for eradicating those issues .To discuss different issues that affected them. Aneeq took help from different organizations and institutes to motivate, aware and strengthen youth-led movements in Pakistan by creating different opportunities for them to engage in social change. He received National Award from British Council Active Citizen program 2012 for his project. He was selected to represent Pakistan among various youth from different region of the world in the ‘’Commonwealth Changemakers Regional Conference’’ Country Showcase Programme held in MAS Institute of Management and Technology (MIMT), located at the MAS Fabric Park, Thulhiriya, Sri Lanka from 21 to 26 March 2013. In this conference he polished his skills and portrayed the positive image of Pakistan. He was selected to represent Pakistan among delegation from 15 countries in ‘’Global Conference’’ by British Council in Pakistan. He is now working with different organizations and giving his time as a mentor, trainer volunteer to promote peace in Pakistan.

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