Success Story

Everyone is eager to get the top position in Multi-national Organizations while getting a business administration degree. What I aimed for was to hire people and reserve the owner level position for myself. Help, Yes I got it from the teachers and courses from Air University Multan Campus. Currently I am running an internet marketing IT based firm registered as ZainKashifVenture (ZKV). Take initiative and getting successful may depend highly on luck and skills but for me this success is a resultant of what my university made me. I have experienced a learning environment in which a slow learner can also compete with students having high IQ level. The grading criterion is the ultimate practical example because in real life we are graded by the performance evaluation of peers and competitors but not by some fixed criteria.
My personality before starting BBA was completely different. Now I find myself a more expressive and confident person. People are impressed from me due to my abilities in work. These abilities were hidden somewhere but my instructors find them and told me to use as my strengths. After completing the degree I have got a complete control to hide the weak side of my personality. I have always experienced a competitive learning environment full of grooming in four years. Not a single day I felt de-motivated. One may find highly qualified teaching staff in different universities but such provision of such challenging environment is not easy to find.
For other peers reading my story I would suggest to pursue this business degree from Air University Multan Campus only if you have got high Aims in your life. Because once you get started, you are one the perfect way then! Good Luck.

Zain Ul Abidin